This entrepeneursportal is developed for all the companies situated in business centre Twinning, Catalyst, ßeta and Mµ. By using this portal companies can meet other companies in the business centres and exchange information and knowledge with other companies easily.

About the portal 

  • Meet people: Overview of directors and management of companies. This page is only avaiable for companies situated in the business centres.
  • Meet companies: Information about all companies in the business centers.
  • Marketplace: Do you want to offer a product or service? Are you looking for a service, machine or staff? Put a message on the marketplace. You can only upload a marketplace item if your company is situated in one of the business centres.
  • News: Post news about your company or entrepreneurship here. You can only upload a news item if your company is situated in one of the business centres.
  • Appointment: Make an appointment with a business developer. 
  • Feedback: Please let us know what you think of the intranet. You can also give us feedback on the business centres in general.
  • Book meeting room in ßeta and Mµ: This feature is under construction and will be online within a couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the intranet.

This portal is part of the Twice concept.